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The vehicle overcrowding challenge in loading yards is one of customers’ main causes of dissatisfaction in most companies.

Not being able to flow the vehicles accumulated in and out of operation may directly affect the profitability of a company, in addition to showing the bottlenecks of your logistics operation to both customers and suppliers. Measuring this process is essential for the good performance and productivity of your supply chain.

Developed by bLive with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based resources and YMS (Yard Management Systems) solutions, Vexsys complements current logistics controls and creates an integrated vision to your process in all vehicle transit and product handling phases, traceability of materials and reverse logistics.


Tags are tamper-proof and cannot be removed unless they are.


Wide range of readers adaptable to any situation, integrating with signs, sound or SMS and email among others.


Return on investment and continuous improvement of logistics processes without manpower.

Solution Figures

  • 40%
    Minimum time saving

  • 300,000
    Monitored loadings

  • 1.2 million
    RFID reads performed

Get acquainted with Vexsys

The Vexsys modules allow simple views for quick decision-making, with settable goals and alerts that allow the autonomous, smooth and effective running of your operations.

Vexsys Schedule

Get rid of vehicle line-up! View and edit all loading windows online, in a quick and user-friendly way, which help prevent vehicles from overcrowding at one of the loading stages, from the waiting yard up to invoicing.

Vexsys Line-up

Monitor the fulfillment of the loading /unloading planning by creating automated and/or manual business rules for managing queues, activating simultaneous flows and controlling vehicle sequence.

Vexsys Dashboard

With Vexsys Dashboard, you will have a broad view of your entire logistics operation. It is fully configurable and you can even follow the prompts for mobile phones, TV monitors and interact with the other modules quickly and easily.

Vexsys Vehicle Management

Automate your yard operation! RFID read points will be defined according to internal processes, by activating automatic operations and checks, and allowing that all activities are viewed in real time.

Vexsys Safe

Be warned about the ongoing status, perform inspections and record noncompliances of security checklists of vehicles, which are automatically identified at yard arrival, ensuring preset procedures will be met.

Vexsys Call

The “drivers’ call" becomes quicker with the drivers’ notification about their loading estimates, after the updated measurement of intervals. This feature may be used in several types of devices.