The three RFID solution pillars for bLive

bLive develops complete solutions based on the most reliable equipment in market, providing real-time systems to customers from diverse segments and for each type of need and market.

We work with various types of technology including sensors with RFID frequency, being the UHF the most used for yard management, events and stocks, allowing medium distance readings (from 0 to 20 meters), which hardly affects customer processes.

With the concept of the three pillars as the base of our solutions, we provide comprehensive data monitoring and capture project integrating hardware (equipment+tags) and software, enabling management actions in real time.

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification or RFID is a method of automatic identification through radio signals that retrieves and stores data remotely using devices called RFID tags. A RFID tag is a small object that can be placed on a person, animal, equipment, package or product, among others. It contains silicon chips and antennas that allows you to respond to radio signals sent by a transmitter base.

In addition to the passive tags, which respond to these signals, there are semi-passive and active tags equipped with battery, which allows them to send their own signal, enabling various applications that require answers to undue actions. This technology enables the data communication through tags that convey information from passing through an induction field or perimeters.

Which are RIFD TAGS?

An RFID tag means a small object that may be placed on a person, beast, equipment, packaging or product, among others. It has silicon chips that allow responding to radio signals sent by a transmission base station. In addition to passive tags, which respond to such signals, there are also semi-passive and active tags, powered by batteries, which allow them to send their own signals, thus enabling several applications that demand responses to undue actions.

bLive is the TROI sole reseller in Brazil.