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Storge was created to allow an easier automation of data gathering connected to company inventory control.

Many inventory count processes are manual, depending on the quality of the data gathered by the operating staff to generate data for the managers’ decision-making. This data is often late or inaccurate.

Storge solves this challenge by automating the inventory analysis and creating reliable information for analysis and operational improvement on a real time basis.

The purpose is to identify each of the inventory items (depending on the client-defined granularity) and use equipment (RFID, camera or other types) to carry out the count per control points. Storge, developed by bLive, uses RFID UHF technology, which is capable of reading hundreds of items per minute. Items are tagged on the production line or at the entry/exit of material and then remain under the control of the system and equipment installed in critical points established in concert with the client.

Among its features, bLive developed an asset and accounting control module, which may be applied to any item intended for instantaneous count. The big difference for the barcode control is that, when RFID-based, the read range is not visual, but rather through radio waves, allowing asset reads inside of lockers, covered by bags, inside of shelves, and with hidden labels. This speeds up the count process while the system identifies inconsistencies with regard to location and amount, conveying them to the client’s database in real time.

Resourceful and Cost-effective

Main benefits of this solution:
· Allows multiple asset counts in minutes, without waiting tiresome and inaccurate periodical inventory processes.
· Less specialized workforce needed for count.
· Compliant with auditing criteria for balance sheets.
· Less downtime of assets.
· Less asset waste.