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The availability of people and equipment may shape patients’ outcomes. In view of this, bLive developed Medge, featuring a number of real-time identification solutions.

Asset Control

Control of company’s and high-value assets through RFID/RTLS, identifying location sites and/or clusters that a hospital needs to follow up, reporting in real time for bringing them back into operation, thus reducing spare purchase and allowing a quicker and efficient asset management.

Visibility and Information

Information to doctors, in which a mobile app summarizes each doctor which patients are admitted to the hospital, date of admission, discharge date, location map for the doctor to manage their rounds dresser, ensuring the hospital increased doctor loyalty to their establishment. This application can be activated by your own commands or via the medical RFID tag that will greet you on arrival and will activate the central framework of doctors in the hospital reception and displays of all sectors, announcing the nursing heads their arrival.