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The bLive develops solutions for event organizers, offering greater real-time visibility of visitors.

Once installed and integrated to the equipment, the monitoring system instantly provides the experience of control of movement in.

With the RFID-base resources, exclusive solutions are developed for each type of event, offering a multifunctional monitoring of visitors in a specific environment, enabling the development of promotional campaigns for brand awareness, sweepstakes, giveaways, customization of visual alerts and other actions using social media.

Cutting-edge technology with high performance and resistant to various operating conditions. With ease and convenience of access, the information can be managed remotely by the sponsoring companies.

Quick installation

Of system and equipment without interference with the systems already in place, thus accreditation time and falsification of credentials and unauthorized entrance.

The system

Can be used from security to management, where important real-time information are provided visitors, development of analyzes and performance reports.

Readers positioned

At strategic points allow a reliable transmission of information, enabling the real-time monitoring of quantities and the flow of people by sector, giving greater visibility to the transit of visitors.