bLive is a technology company focused on mapping and understanding any process in which data must be immediately and reliably provided to customers.

By offering customized solutions to companies that are constantly dealing with high complexity data extraction, bLive provides simple ways to collect information with RFID and customized systems, with no need of expensive equipment and little or no training. bLive shapes solutions to connect customers’ needs to their processes, providing more operational visibility.

Nowadays and from now on, companies will increasingly need to adapt their processes to people, which is the opposite of what had been done so far. With a growing and quick turnover, the evolution of technologies and the strong investments in companies, production and service processes are constantly changing.Long training sessions to adapt the employee to use new technologies are expensive and require huge efforts of the organization to release that employee for several hours or days of training. bLive provides easy-to-use technologies that do not affect the flow of processes of companies.

With that in mind, bLive developed a series of data gathering solutions that collaborate for better visibility of processes for quick analysis and correct decision-making. bLive’s solutions are very easy to use, which reduces the possibility of employees’ resistance to new technologies. Other than the economic aspect, bLive also thinks about transposing companies’ rooted organizational cultural barriers.

Our performance also extends to research and development of systems, mobile application, logistics and e-commerce consulting, among other activities that complement our solution.


Develop systems and technologies to gather data from processes that currently have no visibility and that need to be provided to managers immediately and reliably, thus increasing productivity and adding value.


Being a leader in providing data gathering solutions for companies with Supply Chain operations in Latin America, USA and Asia.


Mutual respect among employees, customers and suppliers; High ethical standards, integrity and honesty; Technical Know-how and application of knowledge; Creativity and thirst for innovation.